Smart Tapered Highlighter


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The Wendy


She’s back! And she’s better than ever! Now in our smart fibre, vegan friendly formula that Wendy is that perfect brush for cream or powder application. For blush or highlight it is the perfect shape to sweep or buff your product.


‘NIMAFIL’ Smart Fibre

In recent redevelopment, we launched our NimaFil Award Winning ‘Smart Fibre’ technology at Nima Brush. NimaFil is a type of Micron Crystal Filament, a process whereby teeny tiny micro crystals are attached to each single fibre on a synthetic brush. The result, the brush strands now mimic the scientific structure of a natural hair fibre, and so the synthetic brush now acts identically to that of a natural hair brush! It’s pretty amazing!

We have gradually extended this same NimaFil technology across more of our range meaning we can offer a more high performance, ethically sourced, vegan friendly range of cosmetic brushes. Brushes that are soft and non abrasive to the skin, but still sturdy and precise to tackle all areas of the makeup. These high performance synthetic brushes can be use for cream, gel and powder products, where conventionally you could not mix and match.

Out of stock


The Wendy is back, and she’s better than ever!

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