The Rosie

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Tapered Natural powder

This pony haired large tapered powder brush is designed to pick up product and place it onto the skin flawlessly. Large, precisely shaped and super soft!

This is the mother of all the brushes!

**As this is a hand made densely packed powder brush it can be subject to slight hair shedding on its first few uses. This is completely normal and will cease after you have washed the brush a few times. For details on how to care for your brushes please click here


The Ultimate Large Tapered Powder Brush. Named after creator, Niamh Martins’ mother Rosie, this is the MOTHER of all brushes and an essential in every make up wearers brush bag.

To use:

For face powder: pick up product onto the side of the brush and sweep downwards along the face from the forehead to the chin.

To Bronze: pick up your product on the tip of the brush and sweep along the raised areas of the face to create warmth. Run the brush along the forehead, round onto the cheekbones and down along the nose and not the chin. Do not put bronzer all over your whole face.

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