Polished by Jeanette


Polished By Jeanette

Nima x Jeanette Polished Set

Hello loves!

I am so excited to bring you my selection of amazing Nima brushes for this set. I have been using Nima for years and years. When I had a salon I even retailed the brand but for the last few months I have been using the entire Nima collection every single day for every look I did. I wanted to choose my absolute favourites to go hand-in-hand with my Polished Pack (module 1-3) of my Online Makeup Course. After months of trialling we now have the Polished Set.

My Polished course is all about the simple elegant glam – perfect brows, flawless skin and a soft blend on the eye. I was being asked day-in day-out what brush set would I recommend but I didn’t know of any brush set that did all the things I wanted..until now.

To have a set with a brand I adore that is tailor-made to all the techniques I teach is a dream come true.Thank you so much to Niamh for making this happen.

If you would like to sign up for any of my makeup courses and see how I use these brushes, you can use the code NIMA10 for an extra 10% off any course pack.

I can’t wait to see the looks that you create with this set.

Lots of love,

Jeanette x

*This is a limited edition collection. RRP€177. On special for €120


Nima x Jeanette


The Brushes in detail…


Super sharp with a curved edge. This synthetic brush is used flat to pat on your eye base. Use the fine tip to carve out the brow or cut that crease.



Super sharp and angled. This synthetic brush is so fine and precise not only is it ideal for liner or a structured brow, you can also create life like hair strokes with this beauty for a fluffy brow.



Flat with a fluffy tip. With this brush you can pack on the intensity and then soften the edge with the fluffy tip. Ideal for packing on your darkest shade on the outer corner of the lid but also  if reverse blending with your dominant shade going on the eye first.



This is similar to Debs being flat and fluffy so you can pack and blend with eth one brush. Becca is a smaller version of Debs so I find it ideal for rest of the lid space. As it is smaller than Debs you have more control in the inner corner.



Super soft blender with a tapered tip. This is for your blend in the socket. The precise tip finds that natural groove of your eye and packs your deepest colour into the base of your socket lowest down. As you have less on your brush, tickle your edges slightly higher to diffuse the harsh line.



Super soft mini blender. You can never have too many Jennies! I LOVE this brush. It is the most versatile little blender – soft enough to diffuse any edge and small enough build the levels of your blend easily and precisely. After you have blended your deepest colour with your Nichola, use your Jennie to tickle a lighter colour on the edge. As there is less on the brush fade this up a little higher so it disappears into your skin.


Fancy Fibre Trio:


Nimafil Smart Fibre technology ( I call it fancy fibre) is a man-made synthetic fibre that mimics real hair. These brushes work seamlessly with liquids, creams AND powders!


Tapered Brush:

I love this little guy for the under eye. Use it flat to pat on your concealer or powder and its tapered tip perfectly fits the eye socket.


Mini flat kabuki:

Due to its shape I would stick to creams and liquids for this little fella. You can use him to pat on your foundation for a flawless smooth finish. You can also sculpt the face and create more definition with cream contour so easily with this guy because of its size. As it is a mini kabuki it can do the hard work for you. It creates the perfect shape to suit you by fitting into the hollows of your cheekbone to create your guide.


Mini Stipple:

‘Pat for more coverage and buff for a sheer finish’ is what I tell all of my students. This brush is designed to buff so I would use this guy for liquids and creams rather than powders. Think of what finish you would like. Do you want fuller coverage or something to melt into your skin? It it’s the latter then pick this guy. I use this for primers, foundation, cream contours, cream blushes and cream/liquid highlighters. The choice is yours.


Round head Kabuki:

My most used technique for applying foundation is patting. I love a smooth flawless finish. This is like the mini kabuki just a bigger version – and because of that it builds that overage so quickly and easily. It is super super  soft and just dense enough that gently patting in your foundation with this brush creates seamless base.



One of my all-time favourite Nima brushes. I’ve been raving about Harley for years to anyone who would listen. She is super fluffy with a tapered tip which is why I love her for bronzer as you can pin point the hollow of your cheekbone with the tip to create a sculpted look. She is so fluffy you can then tickle away any harsh edges or dust lightly all around to create a diffused sunkissed glow. You can also use this brush to lightly set your face with especially if you have drier skin and only want a small bit.



The best description I’ve ever heard of this brush was from my other half who said that it’s so soft it’s like a “labrador’sear”. I have to say I agree with him. It is so soft. It has a tapered tip like Harley but Blathin is shorter and more dense. She fits perfectly in the eye socket to set underneath the eye. I use her flat to pat my powder on top of cream base to set everything.



Super soft and fluffy angled blush brush. Andie is another all-rounder. I use her for blush mostly by tickling the product onto the ball of my cheekbone to warm up and lift the face. Due to the angled nature of Andie she is a great brush to use for bronzer/contour too as she will find that hollow of your cheekbone for you. Use the brush straight ahead to find the angle of your cheekbone and then dust the excess up onto the bone to diffuse the edge.

This is a limited edition collection. RRP€177. On special for €120