Christmas Saver 5

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40 in stock



40 in stock


The ultimate in brush kits. A host of our absolute premium brushes in the range, never before discounted so heavily.

The Set Includes 21 brushes, 3 kit bags, Nima Mitt and Nima Nets:

Face Facts Set (6 brushes)

Eye Spy (7 brushes)

Harley Brush

Maria Brush

Belle Brush 

Pretty Face set (5 brushes)

Three Kit Bags

1 x Large Tote Kit Bag

1 x Medium Brush Holder

1 x Smaller Clutch Case

1 x Nima Mitt Makeup Remover

1 x Nima Nets Brush Protectors (pack of 12)

*Worth over €325, yours for only €199

*Please  note that due to the high nature of discount attached to this special it is excluded from any other promotions running at time of purchase such as gift with purchase or further sale or discount.


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