Smart Face Complete Set


Our full collection  of Award Winning Smart Fibre Vegan Friendly brushes now available in one complete set. Seventeen brushes to cater for all areas of the face from foundation, base and contour to brows, eyes and Concealor work.

What’s included in the Complete Set 

7 brushes for all your base needs from foundation, concealor, powder, bronzer, blush, contouring and highlighting.

10 super soft brushes to cater for all eye detail and blending. From

Structured Brows and liner brushes to fluffy blenders and smudge detail brushes. There is no look you cannot create and have fun with using this fantastic value set.

All seventeen brushes together for €110.


Smart Face Complete  (Smart fibre)


What’s included in the deal:

Foundation Brush

Large Bronzer Brush

Mini Duo Fibre Brush

Angled Blush

Tapered Powder


Angled Brow/Liner

Detail/Lip Brush

Large Selection of face and eye Blenders

The Face Facts Contour Set

The Eye Spy Detail Set

A bit of Fluff