Carve and Shape Collection


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Carve & Shape

*Please note there are slight defects on the handles of some of these brushes. Tiny hairline cracks in the paint. However the brush, the brush hair and brush use is completely unaffected by this.

The One Size Fits All Brush Collection


The One Size Fits All Brush Set

Out of stock


Carve & Shape

* please note there may be some slight hairline cracks on the handles on these sets. This is purely a cosmetic imperfection and does not affect the use of these brushes in the slightest.

The One Size Fits All Brush Collection

The One Size Fits All Brush Set

A little different in shape to what you’re probably used to, but we promise you it’ll be worth it!

The Carve and Shape collection is a range of ‘One Size Fits All’ Brushes that will curve and shape to mould with your facial features.

What do we mean by that? We mean makeup application will never be so simple! No matter what medium of makeup you’re using – powder, cream, liquid, gel – these brushes can handle it. No matter what your face shape, eye shape, body shape – these brushes can handle it (and yes we said body!’). No matter what your level of expertise, from complete novice to super pro – these brushes can handle the assignment!

We mean it, these brushes work for everything!

Nima Brush creator, Niamh Martin, has said right back to her teaching days ‘Use the brush that fits the area’ and this could not be more true a statement for this particular set especially with the rise of creams, liquids and gels to the beauty platform.

You can quite literally cater for any style of makeup with this set. Versatility and multi use at its best. It’s exciting!

What does the set contain:

6 Brushes 

The Shape Kabuki – Used to apply foundation, all over powder or powder/cream bronzers & blushes – doubles as a contouring brush or for body contouring.

With gentle pressure it can be used for foundation, fine blending/contouring.

With mild pressure it is perfect for blush application and highlighter

The Carve Kabuki – Foundation, cream or powder contour. This brush has been optimised with extra soft bristles to help polish and give your foundation an airbrushed finish.

Carve & Shape ‘Fan’ – Eye shader, concealer, smudge detail, highlighter

Carve & Shape ‘Deluxe Pointer’ – Concealor. Eye Detail, Lashline smudge, Lips

Carve & Shape ‘Oval Large’ – Eyes, Wash of Colour, Concealor, Face Contour. Great for larger eye shapes or when a heavy brow bone is prominent. But also loved for concealing!

Carve & Shape ‘Oval Small’ – Eyes, Detail, Concealor, Inner corner detail. With strong strokes it can be used for full eye shading (from lash line to socket line) but with gentle pressure the pointed end can be used to create finer detail and create the perfect eye shadow socket & can be used under the eye also!