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    ...very little will work unless the base is done correctly. This is true for most things in our world, the same can be said for make up!

    You can have the strongest, sultriest or softest eyes....the vampiest, moodiest, nudiest lips...and all will work beautifully...when the base is properly applied.

    This is where having the perfect base brushes becomes important. The NimaFil Award Winning brushes by Nima Brush provides that solution.

    NimaFil is a new blend of Micron Crystal Filaments (MCF), a process whereby tiny micro crystals are attached to each single fibre on a synthetic brush. This allows the brush strands to perfectly replicate the scientific structure of a natural hair fibre, so that the brush now acts identically to that of a natural hair brush! This is a new breakthrough in makeup, first launched in our vegan collection.

    The NimaFil technology has been gradually extended across more of our range so that we can offer a high performance, ethically sourced, vegan friendly range of cosmetic brushes. Brushes that are soft and non abrasive to the skin, but still sturdy and precise to tackle all areas of makeup. These high performance synthetic brushes can be use for cream, gel or powder products, where conventionally it would be difficult to mix and match.

    Introducing the following additions to our NimaFil range.

    The Flat Head Kabuki (RRP€18)

    Round head Kabuki (RRP€18)

     The Rosie (RRP€22) - powder, cream or powder bronzers, blush, contour and highlight.

    The Blaithin (RRP€17) - brought back due to popular demand, is beautifully tapered for contour, blush or highlighting work.

    All brushes are suitable for both cream or powder work and will wash exactly like you wash your regular natural hair brushes. All large NIMA Brushes now come complete with a NIMA Net to keep your brushes shapely, hygienic and precise at all times. These should be kept on the brushes when not in use.

      This saver set worth €75 can be purchased together for €60, saving you €15.
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    The Clutch & The Hold All are extremely user friendly and can hold almost anything from lip pencils to brushes to hair combs, nail files…whatever you require! The canvas casing with rose gold zip hardware and fully wipeable interior allows you to fully view what you have stored within. The strong but flexible design makes this the perfect travel companion for anyone on the move. The Identity Bag – The Clutch can hold up to 40 professional brushes H24 x W13.5 x D11
  • Multi Buy Saver Special Save €6 when you buy this combo set in place of each brush individually What’s included in the deal: The Flat Head Kabuki The Remastered Round Head Kabuki  
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    The Mystery Box

    150.00 95.00

    The Nima Brush Mystery Box

    Who doesn’t love a bargain And a little bit of mystery all in one! Priced at €95 but worth well over €150 giving you over 50% extra free. So what’s in the box? A little bit of everything and anything! It could be discontinued sets, individual brushes, Kit Bags, Cylinders, NIMA Mitt, NIMA nets....who’s knows! That’s part of the fun. But we can guarantee you will not be disappointed and there will be a whole lot of bang for your buck. We guarantee twice the value of what you’ve spent. It’s very exciting!!!!
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      The Perfect brush set for any makeup enthusiast or for anyone starting out in the makeup industry. Every brush you could possibly need and a Large Tote kit bag to keep it all together.
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    BIO Bag Threesome

    100.00 50.00
    Save €15 when you buy this combo set in place of each set individually
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    Save €4 when you buy this combo set in place of each set individually
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    Contour Set Saver Combo

    110.00 95.00
    Multi Buy Saver Special Save €15 when you buy this combo set in place of vegan set individually What’s included in the deal: The Face Facts Contour Set The Eye Spy Detail Set  
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    Travel Set Combo Saver

    110.00 95.00
    Save €15 when you buy this combo set in place of each travel set individually
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    Set Includes

    Highlight Heroes Base Buddies Eyessentials