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    A  Taste of Nima?

    Introducing to the Nima Brush family a new ‘Brand Discovery’ set - A Taste of Nima. This five piece set of cosmetics brushes was created with the goal of giving the customer a ‘taste’ of Nima Brush at a very special introductory price.     This new set, launching September 2020, is made up of five professional length brushes designed to cater for all areas of the face. From concealor to powder, bronzer to contour work, highlighting to brows, liner and eye work. A very simple ‘no fuss’ set, we’ve brought it back to absolute basics, the bare minimum any person should need to create beautiful makeup. The Taste of Nima set contains five tools using our award winning ‘NimaFil’ technology, our smart fibre technology (which mimics the performance of a natural fibre brush) from our extended synthetic range. These brushes are vegan friendly and boast the same quality of those in our extended portfolio.  This set is designed to introduce new customers to the range at a budget price but ensuring the same quality and design.
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    BIO Bag 3 FOR 2

    100.00 50.00
    Save €15 when you buy this combo set in place of each set individually
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    Save €4 when you buy this combo set in place of each set individually
  • Nima Queens

    The Nima Kabuki Queens - A full base and contour set Brushes included: Flat Head Kabuki Round Head Kabuki CJ Price - €34.99 Retail Value - € 54
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    Nima Saver 1

    65.00 55.00

    Christmas Saver 1

    Multi Buy Saver Special What does it include: A Taste of Nima A Bit of Fluff Nima Nets Price €55
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    Nima Saver 2

    120.00 79.00

    Nima Saver 2

    Multi Buy Saver Special What does it include: Face Facts Base Contour Set A Bit of Fluff Nima Nets Hold All Kit Bag

    Price €79

    WORTH €130
  • Our full collection  of Award Winning Smart Fibre Vegan Friendly brushes now available in one complete set. Seventeen brushes to cater for all areas of the face from foundation, base and contour to brows, eyes and Concealor work. What’s included in the Complete Set  7 brushes for all your base needs from foundation, concealor, powder, bronzer, blush, contouring and highlighting. 10 super soft brushes to cater for all eye detail and blending. From Structured Brows and liner brushes to fluffy blenders and smudge detail brushes. There is no look you cannot create and have fun with using this fantastic value set. All seventeen brushes together for €110.
  • The 'Mya' Powder Polish Brush

    The ‘Mya’ Face Polishing Brush is both rounded and tapered so that it perfectly applies the exact amount of product for your chosen look. It’s bristles are ‘Smart Fibre’ synthetic with a natural firmness to easily apply both loose and pressed powder. The 'Mya' Powder Polish brush is a shorter handle to aid in super product control and also to make this beautiful tool super handbag friendly. Keep it protected with the Nima Net provided. The ‘Mya’ Brush can also be found in the Basics Start Up Set. *Vegan Friendly Fibres
    • The Face Behind The Name: Little Mya Rose is Niamh's brand new beautiful baby niece. Born in October to Niamhs' Brother Dara and his lovely partner, Nicki. Mya is a beautiful happy little bundle of joy. We all call her 'Baby Mya' (christened that by our own Little Miss Harley) so it felt appropriate that this brush have a 'baby' handle to reflect the name! Can you cope!!
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    The Mystery Box

    150.00 95.00

    The Nima Brush Mystery Box

    Who doesn’t love a bargain And a little bit of mystery all in one! Priced at €95 but worth well over €150 giving you over 50% extra free. So what’s in the box? A little bit of everything and anything! It could be brush sets, individual brushes, Kit Bags, Cylinders, NIMA Mitt, NIMA nets....who’s knows! That’s part of the fun. But we can guarantee you will not be disappointed and there will be a whole lot of bang for your buck. We guarantee twice the value of what you’ve spent. It’s very exciting!!!!
  • The Nima Love Muff Just a bit of fun! Receive this completely free when you purchase the Love Collection Saver Set