• Nima Buffer


    The Nima Buffer

    *New!!! This set of two makeup beauty blenders will help you blend, buff and bounce your makeup to create a flawless look. They are latex free water activated makeup applicators which have a pointed tip to blend the hard to reach areas and a rounded end to blend the larger areas of the face. The Nima Buffer is vegan and cruelty free. These makeup applicators allow your skin to feel and look flawless and can be used for powder, cream and liquid products. The buffers come in a set of 2. Use one wet to apply liquid and cream products and one dry to soften liquids or to apply powder products. Both buffers are of identical size but will expand when wet. Use anti bacterial soap to clean your buffer.
  • Pointed eye liner brush
    • Use for creating defined liner looks. Can be used for creating a '50's' eye flick with fine tip.
    • Use with gel, liquid or cake liner across the upper lashline to create a smooth liner effect
    • Use on wet line of the eye with gel liner to get a stronger 'feline' effect
  • The Becca

    Lid shader brush Use this brush to gently pat colour onto the lid of the eye. Small enough to get right into the lash line and also to soften shadow as you get closer to the socket line
  • The Debs

    Classic Crease blender

    A crease blender finely tapered at the tip to get right into the contours of the eye and effortlessly soften shadow seamlessly. Using goat hair this super soft brush will apply your shadow effortlessly To use: Wash of colour: pick up your eye shadow on flat side of brush, tap to brush off any excess product (and avoid it falling underneath your eyes), press colour onto centre of the eye lid and push colour onto lid while moving brush side to side to distribute shadow. Soften the socket line and any edges but holding the brush up and working into socket line. Crease Work: Pick up your shadow onto the tip of the makeup brush and work into the socket line sweeping the brush back and forth across the socket line, diffusing any harsh edges. Build colour slowly and gradually.   Do not go to close to the inner corner of the eye. This will create a 'panda' like effect by closing up the eye.  

    Cotton brush holder

    The Nima Brush Wrap is the perfect handbag accessory, carry your brushes everywhere you go to solve all makeup emergencies. The Nima Wrap can hold an average of 14 brushes depending on the brush size which is the perfect number of tools to have on the go. Machine Washable * Sustainable * Eco Friendly
  • The Ollie

    This brush is used to create the perfect smoky eye look. The short round dome shaped head is perfect to use for shadowing and smudging around the lash line. Also can be used for densely shading and blending on the eyelid.
  • The Wendy (Blush/Highlighter) She’s back! And she’s better than ever! Now in our smart fibre, vegan friendly formula that Wendy is that perfect brush for cream or powder application. For blush or highlight it is the perfect shape to sweep or buff your product.   ‘NIMAFIL’ Smart Fibre

    In recent redevelopment, we launched our NimaFil Award Winning ‘Smart Fibre’ technology at Nima Brush. NimaFil is a type of Micron Crystal Filament, a process whereby teeny tiny micro crystals are attached to each single fibre on a synthetic brush. The result, the brush strands now mimic the scientific structure of a natural hair fibre, and so the synthetic brush now acts identically to that of a natural hair brush! It’s pretty amazing!

    We have gradually extended this same NimaFil technology across more of our range meaning we can offer a more high performance, ethically sourced, vegan friendly range of cosmetic brushes. Brushes that are soft and non abrasive to the skin, but still sturdy and precise to tackle all areas of the makeup. These high performance synthetic brushes can be use for cream, gel and powder products, where conventionally you could not mix and match.

  • The Aoife

    This stubby tapered eye brush is a stable in any make up kit. This brush is mainly used for the application of shadow along the lower Lashline of the eye to create a smudged shading effect. This technique is important in the creation of a smokey eye. Can also be used to darken the outer corner of the lid for a more 'almond' eye effect.
  • Sale!

    The Nichola

    The Nichola MKII is a similar shape to its predecessor, but it's slightly finer with a more tapered tip for fine detail blending work. A dome shaped eye blender for working into the socket line of the eye to create a 'smokey' blended contoured eye. Pick up shadow on the tip of the brush and work into the crease of the eye. Holding the brush horizontally, rock the brush back and forth across the socket line, following the shape of the eye. Circulate the brush to help blend out and diffuse your shadow
  • Glow & Go X Aoibhe Travel Sets


    Glow & Go Travel Collection


    Aoibhe Devlin


    Soft and Glowy or Structured and Fierce…whatever your holiday vibe, this set has you covered.

    Whether you keep your makeup soft and glowy or structured and fierce this set has you covered. Smart fibre technology means this brush set is suitable for both liquid, cream or powder use and with a variety of sculpting tools for both face and eyes, you’ll have your get up and glow in no time! This set contains seven brushes which comes presented in a sleek drawstring pouch to cater for on the go application. Duo fibre, angled contour, tapered powder and a selection of eye detail tools. Vegan and Cruelty Free. Contains ‘NimaFil’ award winning Smart Fibre Technology.  
  • Nima Magic

  • The Identity Bag: The Clutch is extremely user friendly and can hold almost anything from lip pencils to brushes to hair combs, nail files…whatever you require! The canvas casing with rose gold zip hardware and fully wipeable interior allows you to fully view what you have stored within. The strong but flexible design makes this the perfect travel companion for anyone on the move. The Identity Bag – The Clutch can hold up to 40 professional brushes H24 x W13.5 x D11