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    The Magical Mystery Bag!


    The Nima Brush Mystery Bag

    Who doesn’t love a bargain And a little bit of mystery all in one! Priced at €55 but worth €100 giving you over 40% extra free. So what’s in the bag? A little bit of everything and anything! It could be brush sets, individual brushes, Kit Bags, Cylinders, NIMA Mitt, NIMA nets....who’s knows! That’s part of the fun. But we can guarantee you will not be disappointed and there will be a whole lot of bang for your buck. We guarantee twice the value of what you’ve spent. It’s very exciting!!!!
  • The Maria

    Medium Tapered Blender

    Already christened the ‘Mini Harley Brush’, The 'Maria’ brush is both a face and eye detail brush handmade using brushed goat hair and is unbelievably soft. With its long whispy hairs this is a welcome addition to the Creme De La Creme of brushes. The ‘Maria’ is extremely versatile and can be used for a Variety of different applications such as highlighing the raised areas of the face, powdering under the eyes, shadow application and can also be used to create a soft shading effect to the contours of the cheekbones.
  • The Nichola MKII is a similar shape to its predecessor, but it's slightly finer with a more tapered tip for fine detail blending work. A dome shaped eye blender for working into the socket line of the eye to create a 'smokey' blended contoured eye. Pick up shadow on the tip of the brush and work into the crease of the eye. Holding the brush horizontally, rock the brush back and forth across the socket line, following the shape of the eye. Circulate the brush to help blend out and diffuse your shadow
  • Sale!

    The Nima Clutch

    The Identity Bag: The Clutch is extremely user friendly and can hold almost anything from lip pencils to brushes to hair combs, nail files…whatever you require! The canvas casing with rose gold zip hardware and fully wipeable interior allows you to fully view what you have stored within. The strong but flexible design makes this the perfect travel companion for anyone on the move. The Identity Bag – The Clutch can hold up to 40 professional brushes H24 x W13.5 x D11
  • This brush is used to create the perfect smoky eye look. The short round dome shaped head is perfect to use for shadowing and smudging around the lash line. Also can be used for densely shading and blending on the eyelid.


    LARGE TAPERED POWDER BRUSH (Smart Fibre, Vegan Friendly)

    The Ultimate Large Tapered Powder Brush. Named after creator, Nima Niamh’s mother Rosie, this is the MOTHER of all brushes and an essential in every make up wearers brush bag. *Vegan Friendly The Ultimate Large Tapered Powder Brush. Named after creator, Niamh Martins’ mother Rosie, this is the MOTHER of all brushes and an essential in every make up wearers brush bag. To use: For face powder: pick up product onto the side of the brush and sweep downwards along the face from the forehead to the chin. To Bronze: pick up your product on the tip of the brush and sweep along the raised areas of the face to create warmth. Run the brush along the forehead, round onto the cheekbones and down along the nose and not the chin. Do not put bronzer all over your whole face. This Smart Fibre large tapered powder brush is designed to pick up product and place it onto the skin flawlessly. Large, precisely shaped and super soft! This is the mother of all Nima brushes!  
  • The Shape Kabuki

    NEW!!! The Shape Kabuki – Used to apply lightweight foundation/tinted moisturiser  (not suitable for full coverage foundation), all over powder or powder/cream bronzers & blushes – doubles as a contouring brush or for body contouring. With gentle pressure it can be used for lightweight fluid foundation, fine blending/contouring. With mild pressure it is perfect for blush application and highlighter
  • Pointed eye liner brush
    • Use for creating defined liner looks. Can be used for creating a '50's' eye flick with fine tip.
    • Use with gel, liquid or cake liner across the upper lashline to create a smooth liner effect
    • Use on wet line of the eye with gel liner to get a stronger 'feline' effect