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  • The Nima Kabuki Queens -

    A full Base and Contour set

    Kabuki Queens

    A complete collection of our best selling kabuki brushes perfect for application and blending of any type of face product. Our Non absorbent taklon synthetic kabuki brushes allow you to apply liquid and powder quick and easily. These 3 brushes are all the tools you need to apply your entire face. Use with foundation, powder, blush, bronzer, highlighter and even concealer! Brushes included: Flat Head Kabuki Flat Head – using the flat of the brush apply liquid or powder foundation in circular motions starting at the centre of the face Round Head Kabuki Round Head – This versatile tool can be used for liquid foundation, mineral powders, cream bronzers and blush CJ CJ – A multi use brush you can work on either side to create different finishes. Use with Foundation, concealor, contour work, blush, liquid highlighter. Price - €34.99 Retail Value - € 54
  • The Nima Buffer

    *New!!! This set of two makeup beauty blenders will help you blend, buff and bounce your makeup to create a flawless look. They are latex free water activated makeup applicators which have a pointed tip to blend the hard to reach areas and a rounded end to blend the larger areas of the face. The Nima Buffer is vegan and cruelty free. These makeup applicators allow your skin to feel and look flawless and can be used for powder, cream and liquid products. The buffers come in a set of 2. Use one wet to apply liquid and cream products and one dry to soften liquids or to apply powder products. Both buffers are of identical size but will expand when wet. Use anti bacterial soap to clean your buffer.
  • The Nima Mermaid Zipper

    This unique caddy case for storing brushes is smartly designed to be wider on one end and narrow on the other - similar to the design of a makeup brush - smartly allowing more tools to fit. The quirky mint green case with gold detail - The Mermaid Zipper - holds up to 20 tools. This brush holder allows you to be organised and makes getting ready on the go easier than ever ;)
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    Nima Mitt & Net Combo

    Save €4 when you buy this combo set in place of each set individually
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    Nima Saver


    Nima Saver 2

    Multi Buy Saver Special What does it include: Face Facts Base Contour Set A Bit of Fluff Nima Nets Hold All Kit Bag

    Price €79

    WORTH €130

    Cotton brush holder

    The Nima Brush Wrap is the perfect handbag accessory, carry your brushes everywhere you go to solve all makeup emergencies. The Nima Wrap can hold an average of 14 brushes depending on the brush size which is the perfect number of tools to have on the go. Machine Washable * Sustainable * Eco Friendly
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    PLAY! Bundle


    Play By Nima

    Get our brand new launch complete in one saver bundle and save some €€€

    What does it include:

    14 Brushes 2 Smart Storage Cases 1 x Beauty Blender ***************************** Nima Mermaid Zipper A bit of Fluff A bit of Buff A bit of Rough (& smooth!) A 'fine' bit of Stuff Nima Wrap n Roll The Nima Buffer Price €99.00
  • 5 Full Sized Luxurious Brushes designed by award winning makeup artist, Danielle Mahon. A stunning starter set for any makeup enthusiast or a beautiful bridal gift for your bridal party. This set has everything you need for the perfect pretty face!

    In recent redevelopment, we launched our NimaFil Award Winning technology at Nima Brush. NimaFil is a type of Micron Crystal Filament, a process whereby teeny tiny micro crystals are attached to each single fibre on a synthetic brush. The result, the brush strands now mimic the scientific structure of a natural hair fibre, and so the synthetic brush now acts identically to that of a natural hair brush! It’s pretty amazing!

    We have gradually extended this same NimaFil technology across more of our range meaning we can offer a more high performance, ethically sourced, vegan friendly range of cosmetic brushes. Brushes that are soft and non abrasive to the skin, but still sturdy and precise to tackle all areas of the makeup. These high performance synthetic brushes can be use for cream, gel and powder products, where conventionally you could not mix and match.

    All kabuki brushes can be used when applying both liquid or powder foundation. The super soft Taklon synthetic fibres are designed to 'bounce' back into place regardless of how much pressure you put on them. Working on the ROUND head of the brush use this to apply powder foundation to the entire face, bronzer to the raised areas of the face or blusher on the cheekbones.