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  • The Nima Net from Nima Brush helps to keep your brushes hygienic and in perfect shape for anytime use. Perfect for those on the go, these keep your brush hair protected and free from damage or snagging in kits or handbags. Flexible yet strong material that enhances performance making your brushes more durable.
  • The Nima Love Muff Just a bit of fun! Receive this completely free when you purchase the Love Collection Saver Set
  • What exactly is a Nima Mitt I hear you ask? Don't act like you're not even a little bit curious! The Nima Mitt is an Irish, eco-friendly makeup removal mitt brought to us by Nima Brush. So what makes it so eco-friendly exactly? Well I've got one word for you - microfibres. I know, I know - too many times are we bombarded with fancy science-words claiming to do anything and everything, but this is different. It's simply very, very, tiny fibres (smaller than a human hair) are closely woven and when wet with just regular tap water they can be swept over the skin to remove makeup, oil, grime - all that nasty stuff without causing any irritation to the skin.
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    Nima Mitt & Net Combo

    Save €4 when you buy this combo set in place of each set individually
  • The Nima Metal Straw Case Just a bit of fun! Receive this completely free when you purchase the Play Collection, The Deluxe Bundle or if you spend over €100.
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    The Nichola

    The Nichola MKII is a similar shape to its predecessor, but it's slightly finer with a more tapered tip for fine detail blending work. A dome shaped eye blender for working into the socket line of the eye to create a 'smokey' blended contoured eye. Pick up shadow on the tip of the brush and work into the crease of the eye. Holding the brush horizontally, rock the brush back and forth across the socket line, following the shape of the eye. Circulate the brush to help blend out and diffuse your shadow
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    Smart Magic Blender

    The perfect brush to softly blend any transition or socket line colour. Whilst this brush looks too big to get into those smaller areas, once you touch your skin with the 'Belle' you won't believe it's softness and precision. A 'once you start you can't stop' kind of brush!!
  • Small and slightly tapered flat brush for precise detailing such as lips, inner corner of eye highlighting or liner work. Can also use to conceal the hardest to reach areas such as around the nose and eyes.
  • The Nima Brush 'Jenni'

    Tapered Detail Brush This finely tapered applicator brush is perfect for feathering soft shadow along the lower lashline or building up product on the outer or inner corner of the lid. This is part of the Nima Brush 'Smart Fibre' Collection makin it vegan friendly. Manufactured with ethically sourced material this brush is super soft on the skin and easy to wash.
    • The Face Behind The Name: 'Jenni' is one of Niamhs' gals and certainly a smart cookie so it felt appropriate she should land the name on one of our very first titled 'smart fibre' brushes. Not one to have the wool pulled over her eyes, so we kept the 'Jenni' brush nice and neat to expertly dust around those fabulous eyes ;) See what we did there!!
  • The Nima Mermaid Zipper

    This unique caddy case for storing brushes is smartly designed to be wider on one end and narrow on the other - similar to the design of a makeup brush - smartly allowing more tools to fit. The quirky mint green case with gold detail - The Mermaid Zipper - holds up to 20 tools. This brush holder allows you to be organised and makes getting ready on the go easier than ever ;)
  • The Nima Buffer

    *New!!! This set of two makeup beauty blenders will help you blend, buff and bounce your makeup to create a flawless look. They are latex free water activated makeup applicators which have a pointed tip to blend the hard to reach areas and a rounded end to blend the larger areas of the face. The Nima Buffer is vegan and cruelty free. These makeup applicators allow your skin to feel and look flawless and can be used for powder, cream and liquid products. The buffers come in a set of 2. Use one wet to apply liquid and cream products and one dry to soften liquids or to apply powder products. Both buffers are of identical size but will expand when wet. Use anti bacterial soap to clean your buffer.

    Cotton brush holder

    The Nima Brush Wrap is the perfect handbag accessory, carry your brushes everywhere you go to solve all makeup emergencies. The Nima Wrap can hold an average of 14 brushes depending on the brush size which is the perfect number of tools to have on the go. Machine Washable * Sustainable * Eco Friendly