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    Our full collection  of Award Winning Smart Fibre Vegan Friendly brushes now available in one complete set. Seventeen brushes to cater for all areas of the face from foundation, base and contour to brows, eyes and Concealor work. What’s included in the Complete Set  7 brushes for all your base needs from foundation, concealor, powder, bronzer, blush, contouring and highlighting. 10 super soft brushes to cater for all eye detail and blending. From Structured Brows and liner brushes to fluffy blenders and smudge detail brushes. There is no look you cannot create and have fun with using this fantastic value set. All seventeen brushes together for €110.
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    Green Friday Bundle


    Celebrating our 9th Birthday with A Massive Saving this Green Friday with our full love collection...

    This is an extremely limited offer while stock lasts. What you receive in this offer: 18 brushes and a fluffy key ring for only €89!! A saving of €150! The Complete Love Collection: Nima Love Nima Magic Nima Queens A Taste of Nima A Bit of Fluff Eye Set

    Price €89

    WORTH €225  
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    PLAY! Bundle


    Play By Nima

    Get our brand new launch complete in one saver bundle and save some €€€

    What does it include:

    14 Brushes 2 Smart Storage Cases 1 x Beauty Blender ***************************** Nima Mermaid Zipper A bit of Fluff A bit of Buff A bit of Rough (& smooth!) A 'fine' bit of Stuff Nima Wrap n Roll The Nima Buffer Price €99.00
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    The Love Collection Saver

    A Saver Deal containing the three sets from the Love Collection. Save €10 by buying all three together and receive a free fluffy Nima Heart! Deal Includes: Nima Love Nima Magic Nima Queens A bit of Fluff Nima Heart Price - €99 Retail Value: €199
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    Nima Saver


    Nima Saver 2

    Multi Buy Saver Special What does it include: Face Facts Base Contour Set A Bit of Fluff Nima Nets Hold All Kit Bag

    Price €79

    WORTH €130
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    BIO Bag 3 FOR 2

    Save €15 when you buy this combo set in place of each set individually
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    The January Mystery Box


    The Nima Brush Mystery Box

    Who doesn’t love a bargain And a little bit of mystery all in one! Priced at €60 but worth €100 giving you over 40% extra free. So what’s in the box? A little bit of everything and anything! It could be brush sets, individual brushes, Kit Bags, Cylinders, NIMA Mitt, NIMA nets....who’s knows! That’s part of the fun. But we can guarantee you will not be disappointed and there will be a whole lot of bang for your buck. We guarantee twice the value of what you’ve spent. It’s very exciting!!!!
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    Award Winning Smart Fibre Technology

    Designed using our unique NimaFil technology, this award winning six piece face set is designed to cater for all your contouring needs. From primer to illuminating base and foundation, setting powder, bronzer, blush, contouring and highlighting down to subtle concealer application this set covers it all. The high quality of smart fibre technology used in this range makes them extremely efficient, durable and also vegan friendly. This set won both the Image Magazine Award and Histyle Beauty Awards 2019 for ‘Best in Blending’
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    Starter Set: The Basics


    The Nima Brush Starter Set: The Basics

    The Ultimate Beginners Brush Set
    Seven professional makeup brushes designed to cater for your every day makeup needs housed together in a beautiful clutch style purse. Including two base brushes (flat head kabuki for foundation and large powder for powder, bronzer and blush application) and five eye brushes (angled brow/liner, Concealor, larger shader, tapered blender, pencil brush) This set will cover basic foundation and powder application. Brows, perfectly blended eyes and liner application.