NimaFil – The Award Winning Smart Fibre System thats Makes Our Brushes A Little More Technologically Advanced.

Meaning We Can Offer A Vegan Friendly, More Ethically Sourced Range of Sustainable Tools Suitable For A High Performance Professional Field!

Welcome to ‘NimaFil Smart Fibre’ – an Award Winning technology here at Nima Brush. This is a vegan friendly, man made  fibre that enables a synethic hair to mimic the design of a natural hair.

NimaFil Smart Fibre is a Micron Crystal Filament technology, a process whereby teeny tiny micro crystals are attached to each single fibre on a synthetic brush. Like the fibres on a natural hair, the micron crystal mimic the scientific structure of a natural hair, meaning the synthetic brush picks up and releases product exactly the way a natural haired brush would. The brush hairs are extremely soft, non porous, durable and non abrasive to the skin. Making them the perfect professional tool.

We gradually extended this same NimaFil technology across more of our range meaning we can offer a more high performance, ethically sourced, vegan friendly range of cosmetic brushes. Brushes that are soft and non abrasive to the skin, but still sturdy and precise to tackle all areas of the makeup. These high performance synthetic brushes can be use for cream, gel and powder products….everything and anything!

Brush Collections and Sets within the NimaFil Range

Face Facts Contour Set

Eye Spy Detail Set

A Taste Of Nima (5 Piece Discovery Set)

A Bit of Fluff! (4 Piece Blender Set)

Kabuki Queens

The Rosie Large Powder

The Blaithin Tapered Highlight/Blush

Smart Stipple (Foundation/Cream Complexion)

The Wendy (Smart Fibre)

– The Flat Head Kabuki