Hi Lovelies,

Can you believe it’s nearly Christmas? It’s like January lasted half of the year and now we’re here again already. HELP!

I love this time of year but the stress around Christmas shopping can take it’s toll. I for one avoid shops at all costs, anything that can be bought online will be bought online! ?

With that in mind, I’ve decided to help make your Christmas shopping easy for you with the ultimate NIMA gift guide for all the make up lovers in your life!

Any of these sound familiar?

The Beginner

Our “Basics” Set is the perfect set for anyone starting out in make up or anyone looking to top up on their basic brushes.

The set contains brushes that allow for basic make up application:

Medium Powder Brush

Flat Head Kabuki Foundation Brush

Large Shader Brush

Concealer Brush

Crease Blender Brush

Pencil Smudge Brush

Angled Brow/Liner Brush

The Basic Set always doubles up as a handy travel set with the brush handles being shorter than our standard brushes and it come in a case to keep your brushes safe.

€50 – Buy Here

The Always On The Go One

Our Girls On Tour Set has been a firm favourite from the get go and with it’s new and improved look, it is going from strength to strength.

Our GOT is the perfect set for that person in your life who’s always on the go as it comes with a gorgeous duck egg blue case and has slightly shorter brush handles than our standard brushes.

It contains all your essential brushes that allow for more detail than our “Basics” Set above:

Tapered Powder/Blush Brush

Duo Fibre Stipple/Foundation Brush 

Contour/Blush Brush 

Brow/Liner Brush

Crease Blender Brush 

Crease/Buffer Brush 

Smudger Brush 

€60 – Buy Here

The Make Up Master

Our Contour and Create Set is definitely the set for the makeup master in your life. Containing 16 brushes, it covers all the areas of the face allowing for great detail.

We were blown away from the love this Set has received in the last few months, you guys know a bargain when you seen one. We’ve limited sets left so grab yours now!!

The set contains:

Foundation Brush 

Precision Contour, Blush & Highlighter Brush 

Tapered Powder/Blush Brush 

Duo Fibre Stipple/Foundation Brush

Precision Concealer Brush

Primer, Liquid highlighter & Base Brush 

Tight Haired Contour/Blush Brush

Large Shader & Highlighter Brush 

Precision Brow Brush 

Crease Blender Brush 

Slanted Shader Brush 

Pencil Smudge Brush 

Tapered Blender Brush 

Lid Application Brush 

Detail Brows/Liner Brush 

Fine Liner Brush 

€95 – Buy Here

The Creative One

Our Build It Up Set is a 8 piece set with 4 free brushes added in for the Christmas period.

This set is perfect for the person who’s all about those eyes and getting that Instagram worthy shot!

The brushes in this set allow for:

Fluffy blender for sheer application of shadow and blending within the contour of the eye

Shading or blending of powder or creamy products.

Finely tapered pony haired eye blender perfect for socket line work

Large synthetic shader for applying both cream or powder or Concealor work.

A small synthetic brush ideal for concealer work, structure or fine detail

A pencil brush ideal for precision shading on the lid, in the crease or along lashline

short, rounded smudge brush ideal for lid or lower lashline work

Angled brush for creating sharp, precise lines. Perfect for structure brows or liner detail.

Extremely tapered duo fibre crease blender/concealer for detailed work 

Pointed eye liner brush for precise detail.

Small tapered brush perfect for use both on the upper and lower lid of the eye, this brush is the perfect length to both smudge and blend.

Angled Blender to fit the contour or socket line of the eye. 

€65 – Buy Here

The No Fuss One

The Sophie Set is definitely the perfect set for those who love their make up but want to it get done without any fuss.

All top picks from Sophie Murphy MUA, this set contains all the essentials brushes to bring you from day to night:

Foundation Brush

Blush & Contour Brush

Detail Powder Brush

Powder & Highlighting Brush

Brows and Fine Liner Brush

Multi Use Eye Blender Brush

Stubby blender, Crease and Definition Eye Brush

Lid and Glitter Work Brush

€80 – Buy Here

And what do you get ‘The One Who Has Everything’? Here are my favourite NIMA stocking fillers:

The Andie

The Andie is definitely my favourite NIMA Brush right now. It’s super fluffy and soft and I love it for applying my blusher as it’s wide shape allows for even distribution of product. It’s also brilliant for applying bronzer, setting powder and you can use the tip to apply highlighter. The perfect multi use brush!!

Buy Here

The Fuzz

The Fuzz is the brush I never knew I needed, it’s the perfect size for setting underneath the eye!!

Buy Here

The Round Head Kabuki

When it comes to foundation brushes I used to be very picky until I found NIMA, I’m yet to use a foundation Brush I don’t like. I always used to be a flat head fan but of late I’m loving the Round Head Kabuki brush. It’s gives amazing coverage without that cakey feeling.

Buy Here

The Selfie

Its extremely difficult to pick my favourite eye brush but the brush I use every single day is The Selfie. In the morning rush, I love it for packing on colour and blending it out all in one go! Quick and simple!

Buy Here

The Nima Mitt

Another product I never knew I needed, a face cloth is a face cloth right? No! I always double cleanse and there’s never much product second time around compared to other cloths I’ve used.

Buy Here

Hope this helps with the last minute Christmas shopping!!

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas!!

Love, Laura x