Hello Lovelies

Another month has rolled in! We are back with a review of Black Magic Tan. The Australian tan that’s got everybody talking at the moment.

With the market being so full of self tanners it can prove a struggle to choose just one!! Hopefully by the end of today’s post it may help clear up a few things about this particular tan.

I was first introduced to Black Magic Tan through our Nima Brush Brand Ambassador, Terrie McEvoy. She has been a long time fan especially since living is Australia. And if it’s good enough for our Terrie I thought it must be worth a shot!!

When we decided to organise our ‘Build It Up’ Tour last March we knew from the get go we wanted to include BM and so we did. Dainah King, proud owner of Black Magic Ireland took to the stage and wowed us with all the range has to offer!

NIMA Brush, Ireland’s Brightest Brush Company, host this once off workshop in association with their Brand Ambassador – Terrie McEvoy.

Needless to say I was sold, I wanted to look like Terrie!! ? Since that day I have been to Dainah on numerous occasions to get a spray tan and see what the hype was all about. There are a range of different solutions to suit different skin types and skin tones. The perfect one for me was the 2 Hour Rapid Argan Tan. The words “rapid” and “Argan” had me sold!

If you are a gal who is not so fond of sleeping in your developing tan overnight then this one is for you! It does 100% what it says on the tin, 2-5 hours and you are good to go. To be honest I was sceptical when I was told definitely do not sleep overnight in the tan. I was afraid it wouldn’t be dark enough for me (while yet still looking natural). I wouldn’t adivse leaving it on longer than recommend as it was perfectly dark and glowy after 5 hours for me.

After the 5 hours I showered and headed to bed. Beware it may look all gone after your shower, but breathe and trust it to develop. The next morning I was totally feeling myself ? the tan was a just stunning!!!!


So to round it up..
Colour pay off – 10/10
Smell – 8/10 (very slight ‘tan’ smell before shower)
Lasting ability – 100/10! (This is what I was most impressed with. When you look after it properly you will get results. It lasted almost full two weeks for me!)
Wear off – 9/10 – moisturise daily and you will have zero issues!! The first time around it did look cracked on my shins but I hadn’t put a bit of moisturiser on – my bad!!


Over all I am super impressed with Black Magic Tan!!! Safe to say it’s an all round winner for me, I am booked in again this Friday before I jet off to Amsterdam and I am so excited to be bronzed up again.


I will leave my before and after below so you can see the instant result for yourself. Of course, any Q’s you have send them on!!

Lots of love

Aoife xx

The NIMA Team