Hello all ♥ hope everyone is happy and rested after a nice weekend.
I thought I’d talk to you all today about my new love affair with Shiseido. Anyone that follows me or Nima brush on social media will have noticed me fall deeper and deeper in love with this brand over the summer. And why? Well because it’s simply amazing!
Shiseido has always been on my radar because it was located right beside the Nars counter where I resided for a couple of years within my career (10 years ago!!! Oh god!). You all may be familiar with the makeup artist superstar that is Danielle Mahon (Weddings on Line Makeup artist of the year). Well back in the Brown Thomas days Danielle was the makeup artist for Shiseido so we established a friendship back then that still exists today. And so this year when Danielle was made brand ambassador for Shiseido, well, I needed to find out more!
Being incredibly fussy when it comes to makeup I was intrigued by Dani’s list of hero products from the brand which consisted mostly of base products. Like Danielle, I work mostly with brides so ensuring that my base products are suitable for bridal is my first concern. A foundation should be HD ready to work with sophisticated digital camera technology that exists today. It should not contain too much titanium dioxide which is that awful ingredient that causes flash back when the sun goes down. It should be durable to last until the wee hours of the morning, the right consistency to ensure good coverage but not mask the skin and finally, something that will give the skin glow and luminosity. My friends, the Shiseido synchro skin does this with flying colours. To say I’m impressed is an under statement. And what’s more, on top of everything I’ve listed above there are a few more necessities I require from my base products, and this is more on a personal note, but I’m sure a lot of people will relate. I have hit the lovely age of 34 this year. I also had a baby in January so my skin, let’s just say, has seen better days. My natural luminosity is not quite there right now and the dehydration around my eyes has grown fierce. So now more than ever I’m looking for a foundation that won’t fall into these lovely new cracks on my mush and will alleviate the need for powder, which unfortunately can emphasis fine lines. The Shiseido synchro skin contains powder particles within the formula so you don’t need to set it with a powder! Which means that lovely dewy glow stays put for the day. Usually this is a massive no no if you’re looking for longevity but the advanced formula enables the foundation to lock onto your skin so it stays put. This is actually quite revolutionary! And if we didn’t have enough boxes ticked already, the technology behind the formula of the synchro skin foundation enables it to adapt to your skin colour!!! Which means as a makeup artist 3-4 shades is all you need in your kit!! I’ve been working with ‘Natural 1’ and ‘Golden 3’ for most of the summer and between the two have been able to cater for majority of bridal parties! My fave brush for super sheer and beautiful application is the Jane stipple brush.
shiseido-sheer-eye-zone-corrector     sheer-low-enhancer
Other products I’ve tried from the range are the Sheer Eye Zone Corrector concealors which are just a dream to use. These just melt into the skin so no fear of falling into lines or caking under the lashline. Application is super easy with the built in applicator wand included and I buff it in using my ‘Lisa‘ duo fibre detail brush. This eye concealor comes in a variety of 6 shades but I find myself constantly reaching for no. 103 which is a pinky based tone to correct the dark or blue undertones under the eyes. The Glow Enhancing primer melts away open pores and evens the texture of the skin. And last but certainly not least, the lipsticks are to die for. The consistency and longevity with the Shiseido lippies is nothing short of luxury and the colour range is beautiful. They recently released a range of 16 different shades of red. The idea being that there’s a red for everyone. So whether it’s a blue red, an orange or pink red or a nude red – which is a brand new concept – there’s a red that’ll work just for you!
So, to summarise, I’m extremely impressed with the results that I’ve seen from the Shiseido base products. I’m not easily convinced when it comes to base products and I expect an awful lot after the near fifteen years I have working in this industry, but I’m thrilled to have come across such a beautiful brand with a great ethos and fantastic team working behind them.
This love affair is a new one, but with my own wedding coming up this time next year, I can only see this new relationship growing stronger and stronger!
Thanks for stopping by folks, hope you enjoyed.
Niamh xxx