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Welcome to the new Nima site. Hopefully you love it and are finding your way around! Here on the blog we hope to share tips and recommendations on how to choose, use and care for your brushes, as well as discussing our favourite beauty trends and products. Please share any comments/questions/requests – we would love to hear your thoughts. make up face and eye brush set nine brushes makeup brush collection

Today we’re going to talk a little about our customisable brush sets. Buying brushes in sets is a great way to both start and build upon your kit, while saving yourself some money, but we know that not every ready selected set is the perfect fit for every makeup lover. Sometimes you end up with a brush you didn’t necessarily need, or a set is missing certain brushes you really want. This ‘build your own’ system allows you to choose your favourites from the entire Artistic Collection, so your brush set can be exactly what you need it to be, without breaking the bank!

Choose from 3 options:
5 piece brush set (2 face brushes & 3 eye brushes) for €54.99
7 piece brush set (3 face brushes & 4 eye brushes) for €74.99
9 piece brush set (4 face brushes & 5 eye brushes) for €89.99

The TerrieThe Fuzz

You can also a Nima Tube for an extra €15 (That’s €10 off the retail price of €25 – we love to spoil you)

Hopefully this will make completing your Nima wishlist a lot easier! For those of you that still need some help deciding we put together a few sample sets to point you in the right direction.

For those looking to keep it light (5 Piece)

The Jane Suitable for liquid and powder foundation, for light to medium coverage
The Harley Great for multitasking, can be used for bronzer, blusher and/or contour
The Patricia To blend in concealer under the eyes or in any other discoloured areas
The Debs Apply eyeshadow to the lid, blend out product with fluffy tip
The Danielle Can be used to line the eyes with gel eye liner or dark eyeshadow for a more glam
………………….. look, also perfectly shaped to shape and fill brows with brow powders/gels/pomades
For those who have the ‘Girls on Tour‘ or one of our starter sets and want more (7 Piece)

make up brushes professional setsThe Professional Artistic Set 2

Here’s some suggestions:

The Terrie –  The more precise sister to our flat head kabuki, for a fuller coverage foundation look
The Grace – A popular choice for blending out under eye concealer, can also be used to precisely …………………..highlight or place cream contour product, then blending out with the Jane
The Erin – A beautifully dainty fan brush, can be used to lightly apply brush and highlight, …………………..precisely shade under the cheekbones, or sweep away fallout from eyeshadow looks
The Becca Flat shader brush to pack eyeshadow onto the lid with maximum pigmentation
The Ali The tiny tip on this pencil brush is perfect for detailed crease work, and apply product …………………..beneath the lower lash line
The Yvonne Take your liner game to the next level, this brush is so thin yet sturdy, so it’s easy to …………………..control where your wing goes
The Aoibheann If you’re going to go bold with your lips, it is worth taking time to map out your lip …………………..line with a precise lip brush. The Aoibheann comes with a cap, so she’s a perfect ‘Girl …………………..on Tour’ for touch-ups!

For the makeup artist building their kit (9 Piece)
As a makeup artist, our Complete Artistic Collection would be a worthy investment, but there are some brushes you will find yourself reaching for more than others, and when working with several clients within a short space of time, or blending out dark or colourful looks, it can be wise to be prepared with clean backups of your most reached for brushes

makeup brush set


The Jane x2 Allows you complete control over the amount of coverage
The Georgie x2 Can be used to achieve a fuller coverage, or to fit into the contours of the face to ………………. …sculpt
The Becca x2 To pack colour onto the lid
The Donna x2 To seamlessly blend your eye looks
The Lady To deepen up the outer lid, for precise crease and lower lash line work
If you would like any more advice on selecting your perfect brush set, please ask away in the comments and feel free to leave any requests or advice for other Nima members.

Happy Make-upping xxx

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